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Case Studies

Now, let the projects speak for themselves. I have worked on different projects, helping different startups, and bringing business ideas to life. Here's a collection of them and feel free to wander around. If you don't see your taste, feel free to contact me, I have more in stock 📔

Project-pic 1.png

2020 - 2021


Build Remotely - Mobile App

#research   #wireframes   #design  

Build Remotely is a mobile application for connecting property-owners to contractors who can help them build properties, such as houses, in a place they are not physically living in.

Project-pic 2.png

2020 - 2021


Noops Salon - eCommerce website

#research   #wireframes   #design  

A platform for helping clients (mostly targetting females) to book slots in salons for pedicure, hairdressing, body care, and more; located in Geneva, Switzerland.

Project-pic 3.png

2020 - 2021


Efunzo - Education platform

#research   #wireframes   #design  

An education platform for linking students to experienced tutors who can provide personal or group study sessions. I helped unpack the whole platform user flow and also built the admin dashboard for their data.

Project-pic 4.png

2020 - 2021


Privet Inno - Landing Page

#wireframes   #landingpage   #design  

Privet Inno is a website for helping IT enthusiasts who want a guide through IT careers from Innopolis University, by giving them proven testimonials from people who took short-term courses from this university.

Project-pic 5.png

2020 - 2021


Geo Platform - Dashboard

#wireframes   #landingpage   #design  

Geo Platform is a dashboard for recording land details and geographic changes in some areas in Russia. It has two user cases including the civil servants and for the admins who approve the records.

Project-pic 6.png

2020 - 2021


R & D Department - Website

#responsive   #design  

A website for demonstrating different services that are offered by Research and Development Center in Innopolis University. It also highlights the center's success in different projects they worked.

Project-pic 7.png

2020 - 2021


Pavement Saver - VR

#virtualreality   #uidesign   #uxdesign 

This is a Virtual Reality solution for Pavement Saver 2 drivers for helping them operate or learn this machine virtually. Pavement Saver 2 is a  vehicle designed for squeegee or spray application on tarmac roads.

Project-pic 8.png

2020 - 2021


Pipe File Transfer - Web App

#design   #uxdesign  #frontend

They are many ways of file transferring and Pipe File Transfer is one of them. This is a web application for transferring files through a pipe-like connection between to end-users through a personal created room.

Project-pic 9.png

2019 - 2020


Bite Size Health - Mobile App

#design   #uxdesign  #foodapps

Bite Size health App is for helping people who want to track their daily consumption of calories. It also has a functionality for helping people decide on which meal to prepare during the day by showing them its ingredients too.

Project-pic 10.png

2019 - 2020


Trade News -  Dashboard

#design   #uxdesign  #dashboard

TradeNews is an online portal for users who are involved in trading. This portal, based on the currencies selected for trading, forms a news feed of information events that can directly or indirectly affect the dynamics of the currency.

Project-pic 11.png

2019 - 2020


Keep It Clean- Landing Page

#design   #uidesign  #landing page

Neatly KIC is a company that provides cleaning services in different places. They wanted website that showcases their services and also that helps their clients to book a certain date to get their service.

Project-pic 12.png

2020 - 2021


Shilajit - Cart Checkout

#design   #uxdesign  #checkout

Pure Himalayan Shilajit is an e-commerce website that sells health products from the Himalayas mountains. They wanted to improve their website and also to add a gift page for different levels of clients' expenses on their website.

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